Delmont iCare+ hysteroscoop

Stretched and bold lines, noble materials, make iCare a sober and elegant product.
The camera head is perfectly suited to your hand, providing a perfect grip and a natural access to the
control buttons.
Design and ergonomics finally combined
Our camera uses a CMOS HD sensor with more than 2 million pixels. Needless to mention resolution
plays can be ensured.
Our light source uses the latest LED technology and provides exceptional light output, even with small
optics. It guarantees an outstanding depth of field under any circumstances, and its homogeneity is
such that even the periphery of your image will be bright. Finally, thanks to its daylight color temperature,
obtain the best possible color fidelity. Benefit in your consultation room from the technologies and
performances of the operating room !

A new approach to diagnostic hysteroscopy

Imagyn is the core of our imaging solution. This App can be downloaded from the App Store on
the best tablet of the Apple range: the iPad-Pro 12.9 ”.
Imagyn allows you to create new patients, enter your operative report in a few clicks and share all or part of these
information with your patients or your colleagues. But above all, imagyn allows you to access all these information
anytime, anywhere, with any device, whether it’s a computer, a tablet, or even your smartphone.

Enter your operating report in just a few clicks
This step has been designed to be excecuted in just a few seconds while remaining comprehensive. The documents
you give to your patients and colleagues offer a quality level never achieved so far.
The Apple stylus will allow you to customize the provided body diagrams, and to enhance the pictures taken during
the exam.